What makes a home great – and great for you – is when it feels like you. My goal is to help you decorate your house with items you already own, and when you walk through the door, you feel an instant sense of joy and home.




Your home is where you prepare yourself for your daily life. It is where you get the energy and the mindset that will help you accomplish your goals and live your life the way you want. It should be a nourishing, relaxing, harmonious, and inspiring place. It should feel good, and feel like a home with all the things that make you happy.

I truly believe our living spaces are extensions of ourselves and, as much as we influence the way it looks and operates, it works the other way too: when your home feels right and beautiful, it gives you energy and inspiration for life. I mean, how to feel happy and whole when your home does not feel balanced and harmonious?


Does your home feel like the way you want? Does it look good, relaxing and inspiring to you? Let me help you create a home you love living in, one that reflects you, your life, and your passions.




What are the possibilities?


The service spectrum is really broad as each case can be different. But, basically, there are three main options: 


- do a redecoration, pure and simple, using only what you already have;


- do a redecoration with what you have and add some styling details*;


decorate from scratch.




*preferred and most loved option!




Staging For Real State....


Want to sell or rent your house?


I'll edit and style it with that particular objective in mind, making it feel fresh and attractive.


It's hassle free and extremely effective! No need of getting all your furniture out of the way to stage it with furniture that may look great but rarely has any soul - and will cost you 10 times more!


How it works?


First I'll do a free on site consultation:

I'll visit the space and talk to you about your goals. 


Then, I'll get you a free estimate and a plan for action. 


Next, we'll do the hands-on transformation. 


Finally, I'll do a follow up for final adjustments.


Who am I?


My name is Rena. I am a Brazilian, a mom, a woman with multidisciplinary background. I love arts and I love people – I love to see them happy and fulfilled. I believe that beauty is an essential part of daily life.  I'm the wife of a designer, I'm the daughter of an architect, and the granddaughter of a natural interior decorator (my grandmother is truly an ambassadress of beauty!). So, I grew up surrounded by people who valued and nurtured a good-looking environment.

I had multiple interests in my life, which led me to study from fashion design to biology, from music to business, and I spent a big part of my professional life working in the photography industry (on the business side, though!). Decorating homes was so easy and natural to me that I hardly gave to this skill any real value. It took me a while to understand that it was my thing – and I've spent a long time doing it only as a hobby, helping dozens of friends and family decorate their houses, while I was struggling to find the passion in my professional career. 


After motherhood – and all the amazing things we learn when we bring to life these amazing little human beings – I became more sensitive to my inner voice again and I recognized that little things give my more pleasure than interior decoration. I love interior decoration and interior styling, but more than that: I love touching people's lives in a good positive way, and I'm sure my work does exactly that – it can change people's lives for the better. And this is what I want to do!

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