Working in people's houses is a powerful way of touching their hearts and changing their lives. I truly believe in the benefits of living in a house that inspires you by its beauty and balance, that works as a positive mirror of who you are and where you deserve to be. Making people's everyday lives better and happier is my main goal and the most special thing about the work I've chosen to do.


Sarah's house


Sarah saw a recommendation of me on Facebook and asked for some input at her house: furniture arranging, picture hanging, and suggestions for drapes and rugs. We ended up deciding for a "surprise" make over. I bought rug, some picture frames, and plants of course! I also removed the drapes to let all the light come in.


"Having Rena jazz up our main rooms was a real treat. She has a positive peaceful energy that she brings to her meetings and to the spaces she creates. I thought she listened attentively to what I was looking for and was very patient with my indecision. In the end we agreed that she make some decisions for me, and I could not be happier with the results. Our living room is full of our own quirky things, feels like our own space, but looks nice and put together. I love it!" Sarah Rogers



Dani's House


Dani, my good friend, moved to a new old house full of personality. She is a designer herself but still was overwhelmed by the task of decorating her new house while working full days out and having a 2 year old to parent whenever she was back home. She bought a sofa but did not like it, wanted a rug that was way too expensive....She asked for my help. It's fun to work with friends and it is delighful to work with furniture and objects that you love. In my work, I always decorate as if I would live in that house but, usually, with furniture and decor that I wouldn't have – either because it's not my taste or style, or because it's unique and personal. I love it ( far and can't wait to go back and finish it)! 


The Troches' house


My dearest neighbors wanted a house as unique as they are. They had several picture frames, some furniture and a rug stored in the garage, and the wish to jazz up their house! All they needed were some plants and a few hours of moving things around. Besides the plants, we bought three lamps and voilà. I loved it! They loved it too!


"Our house was built in 1978 and recently remodeled.  We moved in two years ago and loved the open, asymmetrical floorplan, but we couldn’t quite figure out how to set up our rooms and arrange our stuff.  Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t get it right.  Rena’s approach was perfect.  Using what we had—with a few thrift store additions and a budget for plants—she setup the house to be reflection of us: welcoming, easygoing, and in Rena’s words “irreverent.”  We love it!  Working with her was a great pleasure.”  Christian & Kari Troche


Sara's house


Sara's job was special and I'll keep it forever in my heart! She's sweet, she is friendly, she has an adorable family ( ...with two kids  – you know what that means in terms of interior decoration, right?!), and she let me do a "surprise" make over – including a few purchases!! It was fun: she left the house in the morning and when she returned in the evening: TA-DA!


"Rena, we can't thank you enough for the way you transformed our home. We love it! You are very talented and a joy to work with. We'll have you back in the future for sure!"


"I have never had a house I felt truly proud of. Now, I do. Rena is incredibly talented and passionate about what she does. She came over and used our things that we already had, to create a space that we love. If you need some help with that kind of thing, I highly recommend her!" Sara Richardson


The whole thing took me 12 hours altogether - split between research, purchases, assembly and moving things around (we redecorated living room, kitchen and sun room). 


Ale's appartment


Ale moved to Portland with almost no furniture and a bunch of nice art, books and decoration objects that she collected throughout her life. She has a great taste, a great spirit, and needs to live in a place that looks thorough – where she can relate to everything she lived, her good friends, and everywhere she's been to. 


She asked for my help to choose the furniture to her new home and to help her accommodate all her amazing books, objects, vinyl records, and art in her 800 ft adorable apartment in NE Portland. 

We did it in 3 full days (each one spaced by a week or two), and we love it!


"I wouldn't be able to make this without your help, Rena. I don't have words to thank you enough for what you did to me <3." Ale Marder


Fanny's house


Fanny is a dear french woman full of heart and wisdom! She renovated her darling house and asked for my help to decorate it, mixing things she owned, new furniture, and decor objects. She knew what she wanted but was having a hard time making decisions – decorating often entangle things in a way that may be very confusing and overwhelming – while taking care of her family and carreer. The job altogether took me no more than 8 hours split between interview, moodboard research, and puting things in place. 

"Rena was amazing! We remodeled our house and added a big new living room, and just thinking about having to furnish it/decorate it by myself was making me nervous. That's why I hired Rena to help me make it our dream living room. And she did! Rena was really good at listening and understanding what we wanted, and made the vision we had of it a reality. She used some things we already had, and helped me pick new pieces as well, and then did her magic and made it all look perfect! Every day I sit on my couch and look at my beautiful living room and I can't believe how amazing it looks. She has a real talent. And to make things even better, she is so nice and sweet, it was a pleasure to work with her.” Fanny Polesso






(*her renovation is still in progress, so more pictures to come!)


Lauren's house


Lauren is a woman full of style and personality. She has adorable 3 year old twins and a busy life. She asked my help to decorate her house combining all the interesting furniture and art objects she collected along the years. It took me around 5 hours – split in two separate visits –and I only used furniture and objects that she already had. The change was huge and we've gotten really happy and excited with the result!


"Rena’s “Jazz Up” was a breath of fresh air for both me, and my home. Rena took my existing pieces, essentially redesigned my rooms...and Wow! I never knew how to place key furniture pieces, or where to display my most treasured art. Now, after the “Jazz Up”, I walk through my front entry, into the formal living room, and it looks cool! Cool is wonderful and all, but it’s also inviting, and the simplistic beauty Rena was able to create makes me smile. Rena’s collage of frames, along the main wall in my family room, has created the family wall, I’ve always meant it to be. Thank you Rena, for sharing your talent, and beauty with me!"




Raphaelle's house


I had the immense pleasure to work in the house of my beautiful french friend Raphaelle. She is a superwomen, married to a superguy and mom of two wonderful boys. It took us no longer than two and a half hours to redecorate her living and dining rooms using only things that she already had. It was a fun and inspiring job and all of us were very happy with the results.


"You are amazing!!!!!!

Thank you so much for what you have done to our home tonight, it feels so right and so good. I still don't understand what happened!!"


She texted me after I left her house. She also published a post on it on her blog. You can check it out clicking on this:




Tiny Cottage


This charming little cottage in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil, is a vacation rental house inside an hisctoric farm. The owners wanted it to be timeless, cozy, and functional.

We mixed antique and modern using only things they already had.


"A jazzup session is an unforgettable experience!

I strongly recommend for everyone who wants a new home, but doesn't want to worry or to spend lots of time and money to make it happen!"




19th Century Farm House


This dazzling brazilian farmhouse from the 19th century was refreshed when its owners – that used to use it only as a vacation house – decided to transform it in their home sweet home. New and old were mixed, and no new furniture or objects were bought.


"What a great surprise we had last june! Besides the amazing time Rena spent with us, we won an adorable upgrade of charm, beauty and funcionality in many rooms in our "new'old house". 


Mixing family's antiques, some furniture we brought from the big city and our most lovely pictures and objects, Rena arranged pleasant spaces for us to be and to receive our friends and guests! 


We are looking forward for her next visit! (There are other places and rooms that need her inspired and talented eyes!)"


Ana's house


Ana is my sweet, dear friend who asked me to come over and jazz her house up a little bit. She also has two kids and could not give much attention to her living space in the past few years. Now, the time has come! Her house is beautiful. We just moved things around and bought plants! lots of plants!


"Harmonious. That was the word that came to my mind when I saw all the furniture changes Rena had made in my bedroom and living room. She has that special touch, she knows how to arrange all those little objects together in order to make your home a little homier and a lot more harmonious. She even finds special places for some of the furniture! We now notice a couple of antique pieces that we have had in the living room for a long time. Before, they were just sitting there. And now, it’s almost like they are alive, and I believe that it is how it should be. I also have my special little place in my bedroom with my dresser now being so close to me, and I have plants! And the best of all is that you don’t need to buy anything in order to make your home more special; it is all already there! All you needed was someone like Rena to come in and work her magic! Thank you, Rena!"

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